Find an Apartment to Share – Searching for the Right Roommate


The first step in locating the right roommate is to know where to look. Many renters would prefer someone they know, or at least a friend of a friend. If you’d like to stick within your social circle, you could start by sending out an email to all of your friends, telling them to pass it on to any potential matches they can think of. You’re sure to hear back from a number of people, so you can pick a roommate that fits you best.

If you’re more comfortable taking a risk, you can always post fliers describing the apartment for rent, if you have one in mind, to find a roommate. This way, you can often kill two birds with one stone–finding an apartment and a roommate all at once.

Once you have some potential candidates, you can begin to find out which roommate would be best for you. Be sure to have a serious but comfortable discussion about anything that could pertain to living together. It’s important to find out the basics — night owl or early riser, neat freak or doesn’t mind a mess — but don’t forget to ask some personal questions as well. Even though it may seem intrusive, if your roommate has a significant other, you’ll want to know if you’re actually about to gain two roommates instead of one. Make sure you understand one another’s lifestyles before deciding to share a space 24/7 Find shared housing in Dubai. If you’re still a little wary, ask for a reference or two. You’re going to want to do your homework — choosing someone to live with is a case in which it’s definitely better to be safe than sorry.

So, you’ve found someone who has the same hours, habits, and middle name as you. Ready to seal the deal? Make sure, no matter how excited you may be, to take certain prudent steps. See that all roommates sign the lease; you don’t want to be stuck paying two rents if your roommate is not all you had hoped for. You might also consider making a written agreement. It may not be legally binding, but it’s good to record all the rules you and your roommate have agreed upon to reduce confusion and dispute. Some things to consider addressing include rent amount and when it’s due, how the utilities are split, chores, quiet hours, and other features that will keep the peace. You’ve become a master of apartment listings; you can find a roommate [] with ease — you deserve to live comfortably in your new digs.

I am a self-proclaimed Bachelor Pad Extraordinaire. I’ve lived in 8 different cities in 10 different apartments across the United States in the past 15 or so years. From 5 roommates to 1 roommate and everything in between, I’ve had many different living arrangements. Some horrible and some fantastic. So everyone on the internet is writing about what they know. Finding an apartment and apartment living is what I know.

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