Dolch Bingo Cards

While it is true that most of us tend to think of bingo as a leisure activity, and that a lot of pleasure can be derived from playing the game, it is also true that with a few simple adaptations, versions of bingo are well suited for classroom and educational use. There are in fact a wide variety of different ways that bingo can be played in education, and it can be used to teach a range of different subjects including vocabulary, reading, English, foreign language and math, but in this article we will discuss how bingo is being used by teachers to help teach sight words, such as the words on the Dolch sight word list สล็อตpg.

If you are not familiar with the concept of sight words, these are words that children must learn to recognize to achieve English reading fluency, and in many cases are either difficult or impossible to sound out. Various such lists of such sight words have been devised, but the most famous is the “Dolch sight word list”, which was devised by Edward William Dolch, pHD, in 1948, for his book “Problems In Reading”. The Dolch word list was developed from the frequency which words appeared in popular children’s books of time, and today is still used in teaching English reading and in English as Second Language (ESL) classes.

The idea of Dolch bingo is to play bingo in class using cards printed with words chosen from the Dolch word list, rather than the usual numbered bingo cards. The teacher acts as the bingo caller, and the students have to find the words on their card. It can be played on a regular basis, perhaps for a few minutes at the start or end of class, and is a fun way to help students improve their skills in recognizing these words. The idea can also be extended to use any list of words that the teacher might choose.

Of course in order to play these educational versions of bingo, the teacher will need a suitable set of bingo cards. Luckily these can be quickly and easily prepared with the help of a computer and some bingo card creator software.

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