Checklist for Finding the Right Driving Instructor


The driving license is a certificate to freedom for everyone in today’s world. Everyone wants to be mobile and free enough to move around. A driving license plays a crucial role is this regards. What are more important are the facts that with more and more fast lanes and growing traffic, one need to be a good and agile driver. Been a good driver boils down to get the drivers training from one of the best schools in Victoria. A good driving school is signified by presence of great and professional driving instructors. A good driving instructor makes a hell lot of difference to your on road experience in your car. Your driving lessons determine whether you are a pain in the traffic or one of the smartest drivers around. With hundreds of driving schools mushrooming in Melbourne and its suburbs, it is very crucial to get the right driving instructor for yourself, your kids or relatives. Here I would like to lay down some Checklist which I feel is very important when searching and getting down to the right Driving School.

Ask your friends and Family: You must have seen your father, your best friends or a relative drive really great and wonder where did they learn such great techniques. Well, there is nothing better than asking them and checking on with their recommended Driving Instructor. Good Driving Instructors get a lot of word of mouth business and they are there in the business for long time. You will find them as a traditional business guys and have their own tips and trick to teach you which some other schools cannot. Only good Instructors get recommendations. If you find that more people referring to the same driving school, then you should definitely check that out สอนขับรถ.

Driving Instructor Qualification: One should always look into the qualification of the driving Instructor and the Driving Schools. They should have all the mandatory certifications and license to become an Instructor. The instructor training standards are nationally agreed and are included in the Australian Quality Training Framework (AQTF). Car driving instructors must pass the Certificate IV in Transport and Logistics (Road Transport – Car Driving Instruction).Ensure that the instructors have a very high grade or have the highest level of qualification.

Pass Rates: Please check with the School and do some amount of research on the internet and other medium on the passing rates at various driving schools before zeroing on any one of them. There are schools with 100% pass rates and try to seek a lesson from one of such schools.

Professional Approach to Driving: One good way to know about a driving school is to talk to the existing trainees and the pass out and probably judge the professional approach of the Instructor and the school on the following parameters:

Good People Skill.
Patience and with great understanding for the students.
A good knowledge of the theory and practical and ready to answer questions.
A great expressive and a strong coaching ability.
Keeping abreast with new laws and regulations by implementing them in practice and theory.
Good Practical approach to real time traffic and having tips and tricks up their sleeves.
Length of Course: Beware from short length courses; they will end you up nowhere. And please avoid such schools. Crash course will lead nowhere. Get and choose those schools with proper length course and where they have dedicated structure for you on both theory and practical classes.

Car Type: Not always do they matter a lot but with automobile industry changing a lot and new features coming in, it’s good to get hands on training on good latest cars. Dual control is essential for driving lessons. Try to get a good feel on dual control cars and ensure that the instructor provides you with one.

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